$5 Paint Club

Making your home flourish with inspiration for $5 a month!

Furniture painting techniques, home decor projects, and inspiration for your home (or creative business) at a price you can afford!

What is the $5 Paint Club?

The $5 paint club is a monthly subscription learning experience. It's a platform with a formal learning style that you can take at your own pace. But more so it's a hands on learning experience filled with decades of tips, tricks, and inspiration! If you love making your home pretty or you can't drive by a dumpster without whiplash this is totally the group for you. If you have a little booth in a shop or even have a B&M this is also the place for you! We have done it all and we are ready to share what worked for us (and what didn't). This club is NOT product sponsored and we will be using everything under the sun. The idea is to inspire you to use what you already have and not to sell products!

What's included in membership?

Yes, It really is only $5 a month! However, the $5 start up fee is a limited time!

  • Each month you will receive the "Exclusive Members Only Tutorial". This tutorial will contain an outline, supply list, and supporting video.

  • You will have access to our "VIP" facebook group where you will be able to ask questions, be inspired daily and allow us to help you grow your passion.

  • Once a month we will so a small Home Decor/Crafty Project in the VIP Group.

  • Monthly Live Q&A session to answer any questions about techniques, products, etc.

  • We will close each month off with a giveaway/contest of the products that were used for that months tutorials.

  • We promise to provide you with inspiration and weekly laughs (which is so important to take time for...it's good for the soul)!

  • Guest Instructors! 3-4 times a year you will have the pleasure of learning from a creative who we call an "Influencer".

  • Each year on your membership anniversary you will receive a bonus tutorial that will be hot off the creative press!

How the club works...

The paint club works a lot like Netflix. When you pay you monthly access fee you have access to your content and the VIP group. If you decided to cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the "subscription" tutorials or the Facebook VIP group. If you had purchased tutorials ($19 each) then those will remain in your dashboard to access when you need them. Due to the popularity of the club, membership is not always "open". We will close membership when we are at capacity. We honestly feel like it's key to get to know our students. When we feel like our newbies are off and running and things are going according to plan, we will reopen membership. When membership re-opens you will have access to that month's tutorial and going forward. You will not have access initially to the previous tutorials, but don't worry we will send you an offer after joining that will get you full access!