Bermuda Blending(tm) Mineral Paint Set

Bermuda Blending(tm) Mineral Paint Set

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From the innovative designer at M&B Furniture & Decor and the talented creator of Pixie Dust we are thrilled to offer these awesome "Southern Blenders", designed for the purpose of blending and mixing paint.

Southern Blenders are a mineral based paint with the durability of latex paint.  They are water based, come in 5 amazing and vibrant colors, and can be sealed with wax or water base finishes.

This paint kit includes FIVE 8oz Bottles of Mineral Paint in the Bermuda Blending Colors developed by Maria Revollo and manufactured by Pixie Dust Paint Company (4 Blues and 1 Orange).

(c) 2019 Bermuda Blending is a registered Trademark of Maria Revollo.  This is an authorized BB product.