Chalk & Clay Paint Powder

Chalk & Clay Paint Powder

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Make everyday flat latex paint into an amazing chalk & clay paint. Our paint powder is made of several minerals such as calcium, chalk, limestone, and clay. Our product is 100% natural and even edible! Pixie Dust is the only Chalk Paint Powder on the market that is a blend of chalk & clay providing from that ultra lux velvet finish!   Pixie Dust Chalk & Clay Paint Powder was designed for the DIY'er! It's perfect for someone who loves to take something old and make it new again or take something new and make it look old. The choice is yours!

This bag is enough to make 2 quarts of the best chalk paint you can make. Any flat latex paint, and color, any size (a cup, a pint, a quart, or get 2 bags and make a gallon).

*Photo Credit ML Furniture & Decor