Powder Pixie Dust - Little Bucket
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Powder Pixie Dust - Little Bucket

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Buy more and save more! You get FOUR times the amount of Pixie Dust powder in this little re-usable bucket. That's 8 quarts of silky smooth chalk-finish painting you can do. Imagine the possibilities!

This size is perfect for the person who wants to paint more than one item or create many different colors of their own chalky paint. 

Here is a link to everything you need to know about using Pixie Dust

Turn everyday flat latex paint into an amazing chalk & clay paint. Our paint powder is made of several minerals such as calcium, chalk, limestone, and clay, and it's 100% natural.

Pixie Dust is the only Mineral Paint Powder on the market that is a blend of chalk & clay providing from that ultra luxe velvety finish - perfect for silky smooth finishes on all projects.  Pixie Dust Mineral Powder was designed for the DIY'er - it's perfect for someone who loves to take something old and make it new again or take something new and make it look old. The choice is yours, and now you have another choice in size.


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