A little color goes a long way!

Chalk Paint DIY Liquid Chalk Pixie Dust Restore

One of the most rewarding aspects of running Pixie Dust Paint Company are the people that we meet along the way, many of whom are small store owners like us!  We also cherish the PICTURES from our clients of all the projects that have been done using our Chalky Paint Powder.  I love when our clients are creative and think outside the box, actually I admire it, because I’m personally not that creative!  I reply on Pinterest for many ideas including some of the most epic fails of all times (that is for another blog post some day).  I love seeing something turn into a work of art, with just a little time, paint, and elbow power. Recently I sent our friends over at ML Furniture Decor in Cumming, GA a sample of Pixie Dust and Ohhh WOW, a little color was all that was needed for this redesigned TV cabinet and end tables (even the knobs got a little upgrade with some color)!  I would love to have this in my house, it’s so coastal chic and right up my alley.  A little Pixie Dust and some metallic’s with silver leaf=PERFECTION!

We would like to send a special thank you to ML Furniture Decor for trusting in our product and creating a masterpiece! Be sure to visit their facebook page and take at look at some of their creations, they are stunning and I love how they have a vision and run with it!

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