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NEW!!!! Liquid Pixie! WHAT??? Liquid Chalk Paint Additive???

LIQUID PIXIE-CHALK & MINERAL PAINT ADDITIVE So you might be wondering….What is Liquid Pixie™? Liquid Pixie™ is a liquid mineral paint additive made from chalk, clay, and limestone. The combination of those earth elements makes any flat or satin latex paint into a beautiful chalk like paint with a gorgeous velvet finish. The additive is 100% organic, non-toxic is very easy to use no matter how much paint you need for a project. It gives you the ability to pick any paint in any color your heart desires to create a masterpiece that is all about you. Imagine all those $0.99 paint samples that you stocked up on at the last ACE Hardware sale…now imagine that within seconds your little...

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A little color goes a long way!

One of the most rewarding aspects of running Pixie Dust Paint Company are the people that we meet along the way, many of whom are small store owners like us!  We also cherish the PICTURES from our clients of all the projects that have been done using our Chalky Paint Powder.  I love when our clients are creative and think outside the box, actually I admire it, because I’m personally not that creative!  I reply on Pinterest for many ideas including some of the most epic fails of all times (that is for another blog post some day).  I love seeing something turn into a work of art, with just a little time, paint, and elbow power. Recently I sent our friends over at ML...

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